Sprout Kids Business Camp

Sprout Kids
Business Camp 2024

Join us at the Sprout Children’s Business Camp 2024, where young minds come together to explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship! Our camp is designed to introduce kids to the basics of starting their own business while learning from the experiences of other young entrepreneurs. Our programs are tailored to foster personal growth and a positive mindset, providing a solid foundation for any budding business owner.


 Hosted in Nexus Business Lounge. A flexible office space around business owners and entrepreneurs!

Hosted by:

Aloma Murray. Entrepreneur. Owner of multiple businesses. Established Sprout Children‘s Business Expo 7 years ago.

What They Will Learn

  • Mindset and Personal Development: Cultivate the attitudes and skills necessary for both personal and business success.
  • Business Brainstorming: Engage in creative sessions to generate viable business ideas.
  • Exploring Interests: Discover passions and how they can be turned into business opportunities.
  • Planning for the Market/Expo: Learn to plan and prepare for participation in a real market or business expo.


  • Kids age 9+
  • Parent‘s Consent 
  • Registration Fee: $350

We will only accept a maximum of 15 kids.